Case Studies

BLAST’s many years of experience and achievements allow us to specialize in an extensive range of business fields.
From CG & VFX to modeling, our in-house experts from each department work together to offer creative works beyond genres.

Project Development


Based on Motofumi Kobayashi’s popular manga series, "Cat Shit One", which is a full-blown military story featuring characters depicted as animals; this film was produced as a full CG animation. CEO Junya Okabe of the company served as a producer.
As part of the promotion, the entire HD film was streamed on YouTube for free for a limited time. Despite this unprecedented promotion to release the entire film for free prior to commercial release at that time, this film was streamed nearly 500,000 times during the distribution period that lasted about two months. After DVD and Blu-ray versions were released, it became a major hit, selling over 30,000 copies.

This film attracted worldwide attention after being nominated as the only Japanese film in the short animation category at the Ninth Annual "VES Awards" known as the top award in the CG industry in Hollywood, USA.
©︎2010 Motofumi Kobayashi / Anima BLAST

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・Length:About 18 months

・Budget:About 80 million yen

CG & Special effects Production

Maison de Castle

Maison de Castle was directed by Junya Okabe and produced by the Buildup’s studio.
It was produced as a "figumation", which uses a combination of CG and puppet play. Ball-jointed figures were manipulated and filmed on a blue background. The materials were then processed digitally using a special effects filming technique, called "Digital Rod Puppet". Ten five-minute episodes were produced. Maison de Castle was also produced in English and Korean and distributed around the world.

BLAST actively produces special effects works using special effects art models and synthesized images using green background, which have been widely used in subsequent works such as "Jumbo Monster GOMERA" and "BRAVESTORM".
©︎BLAST Inc.

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・Length: 6 months

・Budget: 15 million yen for each episode x 10 episodes

Film Production & Sale


This special effects film is a remake of the SF special effects shows, "Silver Mask" and "Super Robot Red Baron", in the 70s. It was produced by Junya Okabe who also offered scriptwriting and direction. BLAST took charge of film production.
As for special modeling, besides the development of sophisticated superhero suits, numerous props, such as future guns, were created with a large high-definition 3D printer. The film is largely composed of synthesized images. The appearance of a giant robot and battles fully created by CG became a highlight of this movie.
BRAVESTORM is the first full-length theatrical movie produced by gathering all the talents of BLAST in CG, VFX and special modeling.
In the beginning of November 2017, BRAVESTORM was released in Toho Cinemas and other theaters across the nation, as well as theaters in five countries around the world. BLAST also took charge of fee-based online distribution and the sale of Blu-ray and DVD versions.
©︎albatross japan

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・Length: About 18 months

・Budget: [Undisclosed] *A commissioned production work of the similar scale currently costs approximately 300 million yen.

Special modeling production

Animals As Art 
"Polar Bear Parent & Cub / Clone Wanko"

When BLAST’s CEO saw a stuffed polar bear displayed in a store window overseas, he came up with an idea for BLAST’s animal art, which is to recreate animals as if they were alive by leveraging our special modeling technique without killing them.
Under the supervision of animal sculptor Shinobu Matsumura from Kaiyodo, a representative Japanese figure manufacturer, BLAST created the sleeping form of the polar bear parent & cub as if they were the real thing.

In addition, BLAST received a request from people who wished to recreate their beloved dogs that passed away when we announced the "Polar Bear Parent & Cub". In response, we began offering made-to-order services called "Clone Wanko" to produce elaborate animal art models with a strong resemblance to the beloved dogs.
Using premium materials of silicone for the skin and nails with safety in mind, we utilize the most advanced technologies available now to recreate dogs to the utmost limit.

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Polar Bear: About three months
Clone Wanko: About three months
*It will take longer depending on the volume of orders we have.

Polar Bear: 20 million yen
(For initial production. After the mass-production phase, 14 million yen.)
Clone Wanko: 3 million to 5 million yen
(It varies depending on the type of dogs to be recreated.)

Creator Management

Metal Statue "Creation God,

BLAST’s CEO Junya Okabe produced metal statue artwork to answer the aspirations of Japan’s top figure sculptor, Takayuki Takeya, who also catches the world’s attention. Junya was involved in the production of the "Creation God, Makutakamui", a metal statue worshipped as a god of creation.

2016: After the rollout exhibition (public exhibition) at the Sky Campus of Osaka University of Arts located inside Osaka Abeno Harukas, the statue was displayed as part of regular exhibition at Osaka University of Arts in 2017.

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・Length: About 6 months

・Budget: About 1,500 million yen

Amusement Devices & Attractions

Tamanoi Vinegar
"Presentation Robot Type 02: Doctor Tamasu"

For the construction of a head office building for one of Kansai’s leading vinegar manufacturers, Tamanoi Vinegar Corporation, Junya Okabe received a production request for the visitors’ facilities where a robot provides a presentation for the company. He held a face-to-face interview with the company’s president to propose a facility plan.

Junya was involved from the invention to the production of a robot, CG characters, and main HD visuals to complete, as well as the production of a MIDI system to control and choreograph the robot, visuals, sound, and lighting all together.
The robot has a secured lower body and a motion mechanism in the upper body. For the body, baking coating used for automobiles was adopted to give a premium look. Pneumatic cylinders were used for the motion of the robot.
Junya successfully realized unparalleled animatronics in the country.

*CEO Junya Okabe worked on this project in the past.

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・Length: About 6 months

・Budget: About 30 million yen [per robot]

Product Development & Sale

Character figures for sale 
"Silver Suits Type R2"

We planned the release of related products in time for the release of a film produced by BLAST, titled "BRAVESTORM".
BLAST created a life-size figure of a main superhero of the film, Silver Suits Type R2, at the highest level of quality.
The in-house CG department involved in the production of the film utilized the 3D data used in the film to configure data for the figure. After completing the details and surface, the data was divided into parts. Based on the data, 3D printer was used to create three-dimensional parts.
BLAST’s special model experts, who were involved in the production of model suits for the film, surfaced the printed parts and then molded out each part. They assembled the duplicate parts made with different materials to ensure durability for long-term display.
The assembled statue was completed after adding base paint and detailed dirt similar to the actual character to give a sense of a movie scene.
©︎albatross japan

>> Special website of Silver Suits Type R2

・Length: About 3 months

・Budget: Production of prototype model: About 3 million yen. Estimated mass-production product cost: 125,000 yen (including tax)