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BLAST produced < BRAVESTORM >, an SF special effects movie featuring < Silver Mask > and < Super Robot Red Baron >,
two popular special effect programs in 1970s.
It became BLAST’s first full-length feature film, in which representative Junya Okabe worked as producer,
scenario writer, and director, and the entire special modeling unit and CG & VFX unit under BLAST were mobilized.

In addition to the development of elaborate hero suit, the special modeling unit created futuristic guns and
numerous other gimmicks, using a large-scale, high-precision 3D printer.
The story frequently involves synthetic images, with the full-CG depiction of the emergence of giant robots and
battle scenes providing entertain-ing highlights.

The film was released in TOHO Cinemas across Japan in early November 2017 and screened in five other countries.
BLAST also independently handles paid online distribution of the film and sale of Blu-ray and DVD.

>> < BRAVESTORM > official website

< 2018 / "Silver Suit Type R2" Independent development and sale of Statue Figure >
BLAST’s CG creator produced the digital prototype of the figure from the 3D data used in the film,
which was then output with the company’s large-scale 3D printer. The final brush up on details and
color sample production was taken care of by model creators at Zeppet, BLAST’s special modeling studio.
The result is a figure that achieves uncompromised quality.

News article:The statue figure of “Silver Suit Type R2” from the movie, < BRAVESTORM >, will be released!
>> “Silver Suit Type R2” : special ordering site

■ Category        : Planning & development / CG & Special effect / film / special modeling / product sales
■ Media           : Feature film
■ Title           : < BRAVESTORM >
■ Production period  : Approx. 18 months

[ Plot ]
By 2050, the humans have been nearly extinct.
Among a handful of survivors, the five brothers of Kasuga family [Shunsuke Daito, Chihiro Yamamo-to, Soran Tamoto,
Mitsu Dan, and Koichi Kasuga] plan to travel back in time to eliminate the Kyrgyz before they launch the invasion of the Earth.
Combining the design data of a giant robot stolen from the Kyrgyz together with three aiding powers,
namely the alien detector glasses, psychic abili-ties, and “Silver,” the power augmenting suit, the brothers time-travel to Year 2015.
Upon arrival in the past, the brothers contact Kenichiro Kurenai [Hisashi Yoshizawa], a robotics expert,
and plead him to build the giant robot, Red Baron. Kenichiro accepts the request on one con-dition.
Ken Kurenai [Shu Watanabe], the brother of Kenichiro and a hotheaded boxer, finds himself involved in a fierce battle
as the reluctant pilot of Red Baron, with the survival of the Earth at stake.
Epic battles between the alien vs. augmented hu-man and a giant robot vs. another giant robot un-folds in Tokyo!

[ Cast ]
Shunsuke Daito, Shu Watanabe,
Chihiro Yamamoto, Soran Tamoto, Koichi Kasuga, Mitsu Dan, Yuki Matsuzaki, Tom Fujita,
Shigeru Izumiya, Yasufumi Terawaki, and Hisashi Yoshizawa

[ Staff ]
Producer, Scenario Writer, Editor, and Director : Junya Okabe
Executive Producer  : Shuichi Murata
Original Work : Senkosha

Creature Design : Takayuki Takeya
Mechanical Design : Skan Srisuwan
Sound : Mike Verta
Special Modeling : BLAST Artistic Modeling Unit ZEPPET
Production : BLAST, Inc.
Distribution : Presidio Corporation