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April 14, 2022| ,

© Indy Associates Co., Ltd.

At the request of Indy Associates Co., Ltd., Zeppet created the exterior of mini MORK, Japan Airport Terminal Co., Ltd.’s receptionist robot in service at Haneda Airport.

The 45cm-tall tabletop robot is the latest exterior work of the series following MORK, the universal remote-controlled humanoid robot released in 2016 and JET in 2020.

Unlike regular robots, MORK is a mini-robot specifically designed for desktop information service. Presently, a total of eight units are in service in Haneda Airport Terminal 1 & 2.

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■ Category : Special modeling (Exterior production), Amusement
■ Media : Operation in facility
■Title : Concierge Robot, “mini MORK”
■ Production period : 150 days (Mass production of 30 units)

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April 14, 2022| ,