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April 19, 2019| ,

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AirPort Concierge “CAIBA (type: DALEK)” is a re-mote-controlled, all-purpose humanoid robot.
Zeppet took charge of producing the exterior.
By replacing the 3D output with FRP material, we achieved a beautiful body with excellent coating adherence.
Various parts were also added with improved quality and strength.

In 2019, Zeppet took charge of creating the exterior for MORK, a new remote robot.
From April 22 to April 24, the robot underwent a trial run by Japan Airlines (JAL) at Haneda Airport.

>> Project DALEK official site
>> MORK official site

■ Category : Special modeling / Amusement
■ Media   : Others (promotional event)
■ Title    : AirPort Concierge “CAIBA (type: DALEK) / MORK”
■ Production period : CAIBA:40 days / MORK:50 days

Caiba at Passenger Terminal Expo 2016


April 19, 2019| ,