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April 17, 2019| ,

The bear costume produced by Zeppet appeared in the re-enactment of the “Terror of Brown Bear Attack ~ Why the Five University Students Were Targeted”, an episode in “World Crime Mystery No. 5” by TBS.

As the bear costume is available for rental, it offers various options for different needs, like cost-cutting and timesaving needs for productions with limited budget or time.

For more information on rental, please contact us from the following page.

[Please see here for the details on rental conditions]
*Rental is available only within Japan. Presently, we do not accept overseas rental requests.

■ Category  : Special modeling
■ Media    : TV(TBS)
■ Title     : < “World Crime Mystery No. 5” >


costume_daijiken6 costume_daijiken6





April 17, 2019| ,