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Zeppet produced and puppeteered the female android featured in the TV ad of MEDIAID. CG/VFX department of Blast Inc. took charge of the chroma key rendering and background designing and production.

The android character was designed by Yuki Yogo, a manga artist responsible for the comic versions of “Shin Majinger ZERO” and “Ninja Slayer”. Based on the original drawings, Zeppet produced a high-quality rod puppet.
With the help of the company’s high-precision, large-scale 3D printer, smallest details of the original design were fully materialized.

Zeppet manipulated puppet rods on the set, while Blast’s CG/VFX department completed chroma key rendering and other postproduction works – a production style characteristic to Blast, a company equipped with the modeling and CG units.

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■ Category : Special Modeling (Puppet), CG & Special effects
■ Media    : CM
■ Title    : < “MEDIAID” TV ad>

■ Production period :  40 days

TVCM Making
Nippon no waza Vol3
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