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August 19, 2020| ,

©️Japan Airlines.

Zeppet produced the exterior of JET, a receptionist robot operated by Japan Airlines (JAL) in Haneda Airport.

In 2016, Zeppet took charge of the exterior production of the original JET, which was designed to work at the airport based on MORK, a remote-controlled general-purpose robot.

The original JET had the same shape as MORK. After examining issues highlighted through demonstrations, the second-generation JET, optimized for the use in airport, was produced.

The ground staff actually stationed in Haneda Airport remotely control the robot and assist passengers.

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■ Category : Digital modeling / Special modeling (Exterior production) / Amusement
Media : Operation in facility
Title : JET, JAL’s Receptionist Robot
Production period60 days

[The original JET(MORK)]

[The second-generation JET]

August 19, 2020| ,