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August 17, 2020| ,


Our panda body suit was leased for the re-enactment scenes in “Legendary Panda Keeper’s Lifechanging Drama”, an episode in NHK’s program titled “Gyakuten Jinsei (Lifetime Turnabout)”.

The episode was about the panda breeding efforts at Adventure World (Wakayama), in which the body suit was featured as Rauhin the Giant Panda.

*As of October 2020, the panda body suit rental service is suspended.

>> Go to the episode’s website

For more information on rental, please contact us from the following page.
*Rental is available only within Japan. Presently, we do not accept overseas rental requests.
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■ Category  : Special modeling (modelled costume)
■ Media   : TV( NHK )
■ Title    : “Legendary Panda Keeper’s Lifechanging Drama”

August 17, 2020| ,