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BLAST has released < Animals As Art > series as art-works for display at home and office.
The first of the lineup, Polar Bear Parent & Cub, will be released for domestic and international markets from January 5, 2017.

< Animals As Art > is a life-sized animal model series created through the cutting-edge techniques of the special modeling technology.
The idea first came to BLAST’s representative when he saw a stuffed polar bear displayed in a foreign country.
Instead of killing animals, he thought, “We can create lifelike animal models by making full use of special modeling techniques.” The concept materialized as Animals As Art.
Under the supervision of animal sculptor Shinobu Matsuzaki at Kaiyodo, a leading company in Ja-pan’s figure-making industry,
the lifelike model of sleeping polar bear family came into being.

We receive orders at our official website.

> < Animals As Art > official website

【 About Polar Bear Family Rental 】
Polar Bear Family are not only for sale, but also for rent.

[ Find out more about rental ]
*Rental is available only within Japan. Presently, we do not accept overseas rental requests.

■ Category                  : Planning & development / special modeling / product sales
■ Media                    : Product sales
■ Title                   : < Animals As Art > Polar Bear Parent & Cub
■ Production period  :  Approx. 3 months*Production time varies depending on orders received.