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Zeppet created the model of Ringori-kun, the corporate mascot of Apple Hikkoshi Center, and Blast produced a live-action drama series featuring the model.

Ringori-kun is a web-based drama series with seven episodes in total, featuring various episodes related to moving out.

In creating the model of Ringori-kun, Zeppet produced a bodysuit with movable facial parts. Ringori-kun entertains viewers with rich facial expressions reflecting the mood of different scenes.

On December 23 (Fri), the website held a special Christmas campaign. In addition to the release of the special movie (Episode 7), a lucky draw to win plush toy of Ringori-kun was also held.

>>Ringori-kun Drama Website

■ Category : Planning & development, CG & Special effects, Special modeling
■ Media : Online
■Title : Ringori-kun 
■ Production period : Character
: 35 days

Episode 1: We sweat to see that smile (5 mins)

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Ringori-kun helps a family of three moving out. The girl of the family looked sad.  Her favorite plushy has been missing, probably packed up in one of the boxes. What would you do, Ringori-kun?

Cast: Keishi Mishima, Rana Nishimori, Osamu Yamamoto, Tomoka Nakagawa

Episode 2: Relocation Nervous (5 mins)

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Today, a girl leaves her parents to live in a share house. But the girl forgot to unlock the door of the room, engrossed in conversation with her friend. The moving work gets stalled…

Cast: Suzu Sannomiya, Keishi Mishima

Episode 3: We Love Moving! (5 mins)

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The son of a single-father family is moving out. Their relationship looks awkward, which occasionally bursts out as arguments. Ringori-kun discovers “something” that may solve the problem.

Cast: Daisuke Nagakura, Mayato Nakazato

Episode 4: Thoughtfulness beyond Manual (5 mins)

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Ringori-kun visits the female client to find out her things are still far from being packed up. Time is pressing. Can she move as scheduled?

Cast: Yuki Arisawa, Daiki Kikkawa, Deguchi Yudai

Episode 5: Move with a Story, Move with a Memory (5 mins)

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An old man is moving out, but he has to leave his beloved dog because he cannot keep the dog in the destination. What action would Ringori-kun take upon learning the situation?

Cast: Ken Okada, Rin Kawamura

Episode 6: Achievement Only Comes after Challenge (5 mins)

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Ringori-kun’s junior colleague is a reliable staff working at Apple Hikkoshi Center. This is the episode of how he decided to join the company.

Cast: Keishi Mishima

Christmas’ Special Episode (3 mins)

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The birth story of Ringori-kun?! A special movie!

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