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< Maison de Castle > is a short animation depicting the everyday life of five girls living in the same apartment.
The visuals use “figumentation,” a novel visual expression where CG is merged with figures.
Figumentation adopts “digital rod puppet” technique developed by Buildup.
Ball-jointed figures are puppeteered with rods on a blue background.
Shot images are then edited to erase the rods.
Facial expressions and back-grounds are further added to create visuals where
figures move around freely as if they are alive.
Director: Junya Okabe / Production: Production Buildup

We produced ten 5-minute episodes altogether. After being broadcast on Kids Station in 2008,
the show was produced in English and Korean for dis-tribution in various countries.

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■ Category                       : Planning & development / CG & Special effect / special modeling
■ Media                        : TV
■ Title                        : < Maison de Castle >
■ Production period  : Approx. 6 months