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©︎2010 Motofumi Kobayashi / Anima / BLAST

Motofumi Kobayashi’s popular manga series, < CAT SHIT ONE >,
where animal characters engage in full-fledged warfare, has been made into a full CG animation.
BLAST’s representative, Junya Okabe, supervised the production as the producer.

As a part of promotional activities, the entire episode was streamed in HD format for free on YouTube for a limited period.
While the promotional strategy to stream the entire episode for free prior to the commercial release was quite unique, the episode acquired 500,000 views within two months.
DVD and Blu-ray versions of the work, which followed the free streaming, have become a major hit with 30,000 copies sold so far.

Wins TCM Award 2010 Grand Prix at Tokyo Contents Market (present CMT).
Furthermore,the film garners international acclaim when it becomes the only Japanese work nominated in the short animation category at the 9thAnnual VES Awards,the most prestigious awards in Hollywood’s CG industry.

>> < CAT SHIT ONE -THE ANIMATED SERIES- >Official website
>> iTunes page

■ Category                      : Planning & development / CG & special effect / film / product sales
■ Media                         : Online・product sales
■ Title                         :  < CAT SHIT ONE -THE ANIMATED SERIES- >
■ Production period   : Approx. 18 months

Cat Shit One DVD / Blu-ray release announcement 2


[ Plot ]
A terrorist group take hostages at their base in a desert.
Packy and Botasky, rabbit commandos working for Carrot Military Service, a private military company, identify the hostages from a far over binoculars, but one of the hostages is shot dead while trying to escape.
Judging the rest of the hostages’ lives to be in danger, the pair promptly call for reinforcements.
However, they find out that all hostages would be gone by the arrival time of the rescue force informed over the radio.
“There are no other ways. We should do it right now!”
The unit, consisting of just two bunnies, burst into the camp packed with enemies.

[ Voice cast ]
Packy: Hiroshi Tsuchida
Botasky: Satoshi Hino

[ Staff ]
Producer: Junya Okabe
Director: Kazuya Sasahara
Original work: CAT SHIT ONE by Motofumi Koba-yashi (published by Softbank Creative)
Executive Producers: Junya Okabe, Shinya Sasa-hara
Script: Hiroshi Sekisakai, Kazuya Sasahara
Military study: Tomoyuki Hasegawa
Production: anima inc., IDA, Inc. (presently BLAST)