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* This is a work Junya Okabe (BLAST representative) took charge in the past.

Kansai region’s biggest vinegar manufacturer, Tamanoi Vinegar Corporation, requested Junya Okabe,
then the representative director of Buildup, to produce a “facility where a robot makes presentations of the company.”
After a direct hearing survey, Okabe proposed a facility plan.

In addition to the entire production, including designing and producing of the robot, a CG character,
and main HD visuals, we produced a MIDI system, which integrates controls of the robot, visuals, sound, and lighting.
The robot was designed with a fixed lower body and a mobile upper body, where all motion functions are deployed.
For coating, baking finish used for automobile bodies was applied to achieve a high-quality finish. Pneumatic cylinders are used to power the robot.
The result is an animatronics with qualities unlike any other in Japan.

The system was introduced to the amusement theater Cyber Trip, a new facility built inside the premises of
Tamanoi Vinegar Corporation on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the company’s foundation.
Together with an assistant character, the robot makes a presentation on vinegar along with the screening of high-vision clips featuring the vinegar plant.

■ Category : Planning & development / special modeling / Amusement
■ Media   : Amusement
■ Title    : < Presentation Robot Type 02: Doctor Tamasu > for Tamanoi Vinegar Corporation corporate introduction theater
■ Production period  : Approx. 6 months