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* This is a work Junya Okabe (BLAST representative) took charge in the past.

Junya Okabe produced the series as the company’s first project interconnected with its original character visuals and toys.
It was a candy toy and visual collaboration project featuring freebie UFO and alien figures, with convenience stores targeted as the primary market.
Helped by the popularity of the candy toys, the series introduced 50 different types of aliens and UFO figures throughout Seasons 1 – 4.

The series was then expanded as Game Boy (Nintendo) software, arcade games, and toys.
TV animation (the first TV program made of Flash images) was also broadcast on Fuji TV.

■ Category : Planning & development / special modeling / product sales
■ Media   : product sales・TV・Game
■ Title   :  < Uchuu Daisakusen - Choco Vader - >

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