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November 30, 2016| ,

© BLAST Inc./© Takayuki Takeya

Junya Okabe, the representative of BLAST, produced a long-awaited metal figure by Takayuki Takeya,
one of the world’s most prominent figure creators.
The standing artwork titled “Creation God, Makutakamui” was produced, using metal as the material.
BLAST’s 3D printer assisted the production of prototype, in which the other half of the hand-carved parts,
such as an arm, were made into 3D data based on the scanned data of the hand-carved parts.
The data was then printed out to be used in the production.

< “Takayuki Takeya exhibition: Creation God, Makutakamui” held in Abeno Harukas >
To mark the inauguration of the bronze statue, an exhibition of sculptures by Mr.
Takeya, including the statue, took place in Sky Campus of Osaka University of Arts located
in Abeno Harukas from October 29, 2016 to November 30, 2016.
The statue will be displayed permanently in the campus as the university’s new symbol.

■ Category                  : Special modeling / Management
■ Media                     : Exhibition
■ Title                        : Metal Statue for permanent exhibition in Osaka University of Arts, “Creation God, Makutakamui”
■ Production period  : Approx. 6 months


November 30, 2016| ,