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Film studio deviated farthest
from Japanese film industry.

BLAST is production studio like no other. We have in-house film production and Special effects (CG, VFX and special modeling) production studio.
With our individual departments dedicated to planning, development, special modeling, CG, and VFX,
BLAST maintains an in-house capability to plan, write, design, and create VFX, CG, and special modeling to cover most of major film production.
Our goal is to become a new type of film studio with the use of the Internet and groupware.

About our production system

BLAST provides support for film production from planning,
development to production from various phases.
BLAST has an integrated system for film production from planning, development to production.
Our small group of elite professionals work together to pursue creative works to efficiently produce high-end visuals.
We provide support for film production from various phases, including planning from scratch, using an original work brought in by client, and commissioned production from the scriptwriting phase.
Film production studio specializing in
Special effects and superhero action films.
While there are various types of film production companies, BLAST’s film production studio is exclusively dedicated to Special effects and superhero action films.
Our in-house departments specializing in VFX, CG, and special modeling are highly recognized not only in Japan but also overseas.
Our strengths lie in our uniqueness because there is no other film production company with these in-house capabilities.
Merchandising activities linked to films.
Besides film production, BLAST also has in-house capabilities, encompassing everything from fee-based online distribution and the sale of Blu-rays and DVDs to other merchandising solutions after completion.
We can help clients with the sale of videos, which supports the collection of production costs, and propose sales plans while saving on middlemen costs for related products.

Our production track records

Works of Junya Okabe prior to starting BLAST

Production year:1999
Genre:Original special effects video

At the request of a film distribution company, GAGA, Junya Okabe took charge of production, scriptwriting, and direction (his first video direction). Buildup, Co., Ltd., a company headed by Okabe at that time, was in charge of film production.
D is a completely original work and features a dark world view and the main character dressed in combat suits, which still attracts a strong following.
After enjoying high popularity at the "Tokyo Fantastic Film Festival", D was released on DVD.
It was also released in the United States under the title, "Dark Soldier D".


Production year:2005
Genre:Special effects film

A game company, Konami, requested Junya Okabe to produce, write scripts, and direct the film.
Buildup, Co., Ltd., a company headed by Okabe at that time, took charge of film production.
The film was marketed in conjunction with the sale of Special effects character visual products (DVD) and character goods as a single package. Junya also took charge of a prototype model of figures.

Uchuu Daisakusen Choco Vader

Production year:2001
Genre: Candy toy series, game, television animation series

For the first time under Buildup Co., Ltd., Junya Okabe took charge of the production of character visuals and toys linked to this series.
He planned and designed candy toys and visuals to sell UFO and alien figures included with candies in convenience stores.
From season one through four, fifty types of figures featuring aliens and UFOs were sold as candy toys. After that, Uchuu Daisakusen Choco Vader became a game for the Game Boy (Nintendo) at that time, arcade games, and toys. A television animation (the first television program produced using Flash) was also broadcast on Fuji TV.

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Works of Junya Okabe with Tsuburaya Productions
Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey

Production year:2008
Genre:Television special effects series

Never Ending Odyssey is the second television sequel to "Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle", which is linked to Bandai’s toy, the Data Carddass game, titled "Mega Monster Battle Ultra Monsters".
Junya Okabe took charge of overall production.

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie

Production year:2009
Genre:Full-length theatrical movie

This film attracted attention for the first appearance of the new characters "Ultraman Zero" and "Ultraman Belial", as well as the heavy use of full CG production by filming entirely with a green background and wire stunts, offering a new look to the previous Ultraman series.
The film was screened in China in 2011 and became the highest-grossing film in the history of Japanese films screened in China.
Junya Okabe took charge of production, screenwriting, and visual supervision.

Ultraman Mebius Side Story: Ghost Reverse

Production year:2009
Genre:Original special effects video

It is the third sequel of a side story OV for a television special effects series titled "Ultraman Mebius" (First part and second part).
The story serves as a prequel to "Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie" produced around the same time. As with the film, it was filmed entirely with a green background featuring the heavy use of wire stunts.
Junya Okabe took charge of overall production.


Production year:2010
Genre:Full CG animation film

This film work was produced as a full CG animation based on a manga series of the same title illustrated by Motofumi Kobayashi. CEO Junya Okabe of the company served as a producer.
The entire HD video was streamed on YouTube for free for a limited time, which attracted attention for its unprecedented promotion at that time.It also attracted worldwide attention after being nominated as the only Japanese film in the short animation category at the Ninth Annual "VES Awards" known as the top award in the CG industry in Hollywood, USA.
BLAST released a DVD and Blu-ray version, which became a major hit, selling over 30,000 copies.
©︎2010 Motofumi Kobayashi / Anima BLAST

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Jumbo Monster GOMERA

Production year:2012
Genre:Short special effects series

This is a special effects show for children featuring monsters. Junya Okabe oversaw the planning and production of the film while BLAST was in charge of production.
Directors include Junya Okabe and an array of guest creators in the special effects industry for scriptwriting and direction.
Each episode was featured on "Televikun (Shogakukan)", a magazine for children, in full color and recorded on a special DVD.
Episodes one through ten of Jumbo Monster Gomera are currently available on BLAST’s YouTube channel.
©︎BLAST Inc.

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Maison de Castle

Production year:2012
Genre:Character special effects series

Maison de Castle was directed by Junya Okabe and produced by the Buildup’s studio.
It was produced as a "figumation", which uses a combination of CG and puppet play.
Ball-jointed figures were manipulated and filmed with a blue background.
The materials were then processed digitally using a special effects filming technique called "Digital Rod Puppet".
Ten five-minute episodes were produced. Maison de Castle was also produced in English and Korean and distributed around the world.
©︎BLAST Inc.

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Production year:2017
Genre:Full-length theatrical movie

This special effects film is a remake of the SF special effects shows, "Silver Mask" and "Super Robot Red Baron", in the 70s.
It was produced by Junya Okabe who also offered scriptwriting and direction. BLAST took charge of film production.
BRAVESTORM is the first full-length theatrical movie produced by gathering all the talents of BLAST in CG, VFX, and special modeling.
This film was released in Toho Cinemas and other theaters across the nation, as well as theaters in five countries around the world.
©︎albatross japan

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Zatoichi vs. Predator

Production year:2017
Genre:Short special effects film (fan movie)

Celebrating the miraculous year marking the 50th anniversary of the death of the original author of "Zatoichi", Kan Shimozawa, the 20th anniversary of the death of the actor Shintaro Katsu, and the 30th anniversary of the release of the movie "Predator", BLAST created this non-profit fan movie.
Junya Okabe oversaw production, screenwriting, and direction. BLAST filmed it in three days at its in-house film production studio.
It was released on Vimeo and YouTube and received high acclaim from around the world.

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