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< Jumbo Monster GOMERA >, a character show prduced by BLAST
The short comedy depicts GOMERA’s visit to the human world in his attempt to train himself as a full-fledged monster.
Zeppet, BLAST’s special modeling studio, produced “GOMERA” and “Yokkora” costumes and took charge of artistic modeling in each episode.
All other background details are digitally created by BLAST’s CG unit.

The movie has been released on the character’s exclusive channels on YouTube and Niconico.
In addition, DVD featuring the episode was distributed as a supplement to kids’ magazine, Televi-kun (Shogakukan).

< Jumbo Monster GOMERA > official website

< GOMERA appeared in the CM of Weider All CHARGE in 2012 >
In 2012, GOMERA appeared in the CM of Weider All CHARGE, beverage sold by Morinaga,
in which actor Kenichi Matsuyama donned the Gomera costume to act as a monster.

< 2012 / We produced The colored figure made of PVC is Monster Gomera. >
We developed and sold the Monster Gomera’s Soft Vinyl figure. (Already finished.Thank you.)
News : BLAST produced the character figure of “Jumbo Monster GOMERA”.

< 2018 / BLAST produced the Gomera & Yokkora’s plushie.Sales start! >
Developed & sold the Gomera & Yokkora’s plushies.
>>The product is available for purchase at Amazon. To go to the shop site, please click here.
Gomera / Yokkora

■ カテゴリー  : Planning & development / CG & Special effect / special modeling / product sales
■ 露出媒体   : Magazine / Online / product sales
■ 作品名    : < Jumbo Monster GOMERA >