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November 11, 2017| ,


BLAST produced the body suit of “Kizuru”, the image mascot of J3 soccer team “Grulla Morioka”.

To commission the production of “Kizuru” body suit to Zeppet, the management of “Grulla Morioka” raised fund through crowdfunding.
The project attracted enormous attention from supporters, enabling the management to achieve the target amount within just two weeks.

>> < Mission! Grulla Morioka official club mascot "Kizuru" Three-dimensionalization Project > crowdfunding page
>> Grulla Morioka official Twitter (information on Kizuru’s public appearance is here)

■ Category                : Special modeling
■ Media                       : Amusement (event)
■ Title                    : “Kizuru”
■ Production period : 60 days


November 11, 2017| ,