NewsAn unprecedented initiative in the figure industry! Model sculptor Takayuki Takeya initiated a global fundraising project at Kickstarter, a US crowdfunding platform to deliver his artwork to overseas market!

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  • An unprecedented initiative in the figure industry! Model sculptor Takayuki Takeya initiated a global fundraising project at Kickstarter, a US crowdfunding platform to deliver his artwork to overseas market!
November 07, 2013|

IDA, Inc. has announced the launch of a new fundraising project at Kickstarter, the US’s largest crowdfunding platform, to enable the production of the overseas version of Nikunekamui,
an original work by Takayuki Takeya. The artist is known as Japan’s most talented character sculptor working at the company’s creator management unit.
The sculpture was made as a key visual artwork for Work Exhibition of Takayuki Takeya, an event sponsored by IDA in the summer of 2013.
Once the crowdfunding through Kickstarter succeeds, the limited “Kickstarter” version of the work will be delivered to supporters across the world.

■Takayuki Takeya >> Kickstarter page Character Sculpture by Japanese Genius TAKAYUKI TAKEYA

■Takayuki Takeya >> official website

■ Nikunekamui means “demon (oni)” in Ainu language.
At his solo exhibition in Tokyo in July 2013, Work Exhibition of Takayuki Takeya, Nikunekamui was created as a key visual of the exhibition.
The ghastly and impressive expression of the torso spellbound viewers.

Nikunekamui’s expression is two-faceted.
The left side of the face represents the demon of Ainu people, heavily featuring the formative characteristics of Jomon pottery,
the ancient Japanese pottery Takeya is deeply attached to. The right side, on the other hand, is based on the traditional design of oni (demon),
reflecting the characteristics of so-called Yayoi culture originated from the Eurasian Continent.
The art form merging Jomon culture, the primordial identity of Japan, with that of Yayoi, during which the influx of the continent force thrived,
is an ultimate artistic representation of Japan’s DNA, depicted as an asymmetric but inseparable demon.

■ Producer’s Message
“I have known Mr. Takayuki Takeya for more than a decade. He is one of the most talented model sculptors in Asia and undoubtedly Japan’s No. 1 artist.
His creative world derives from his outstanding observation skills and sensitivity. His works oozes power and presence, which is unachievable with paintings or images. I have always wanted to create an opportunity where people can directly appreciate his original works. Moreover, I have wanted to offer him an opportunity where he can step up to a new, unknown level of creativity. These were the motivations behind the exhibition I organized some time ago.
While being impressed at the visitors’ reactions gripped in excitement, a new idea arrived; ‘The creative art of Takayuki Takeya can make a legend! This talent must be recognized internationally!’ As a method to deliver Takeya’s original universe to his fans overseas, I think the Kickstarter project offers a great opportunity.
I sincerely wish that the Kickstarter project will help Takayuki Takeya reach a new level of genius where he can engage in creative works with more sophistication, higher quality, and more originality and eccentricity.”

Producer Junya Okabe

■ Takayuki Takeya
model sculptor, was born in Hokkaido on December 10, 1963. He is highly acclaimed for his formative ability and original designs created through unique interpretations of the world. He has an outstanding skill in creating bizzare creatures and designing organic-looking mechanics.
After leaving Model Art, he started working as a freelancer. For five years since 1994, he published an original series titled as Angle of the Fisherman on S.M.H., a model & hobby magazine. In 1999, he published his debut collection, Takayuki Takeya Collection – Angle of the Fisherman, from Hobby Japan. In 2000, Work Exhibition of Takayuki Takeya – from Kamen Rider to Angle of the Fisherman took place in Shibuya Parco 3, garnering positive reviews.
Presently, Takeya is working in various fields, including filmmaking, toy and figure modeling.
The figure prototypes designed by Takeya include Final Fantasy VIII, Alien, Predator, Kamen Rider, Devilman, and more.

At the production by Kaiyodo of Hyakkiyako (procession of creatures) Yokai Collection and Yokai Netsuke (strap),
he directed the entire production of the prototypes and revived various old monsters of Japan.
In Kaiyodo’s Revoltech Takeya series, he created fully movable models of famous statues of Buddha, unprecedented in the figure industry.

By adding his original twists to existing designs, Takeya successfully brings out hitherto unknown aspects of the characters.
He also takes part in the artistic designing of various visual works, such as GARO.

In 2012, his production of the concept models for the Kyoshinhei (God Warriors) in Kyoshinhei Appears
in Tokyo screened at Curator Hideaki An-no’s special effect Museum, created a buzz among fans.
In 2013, the complete revision of his lifework, Angle of the Fisherman, was published as The Hunter’s Angle from Kodansha.
His enthusiastic fan base extends to overseas, including NIKE president Mark Parker, who personally visited Takeya’s home to purchase his works.

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November 07, 2013|