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October 31, 2023| ,

Custom-made for personal order

For the wedding reception venue, a welcome figure of the beloved horse cherished by the couple was created upon their request.

The figure was crafted to approximately 1/6th the size of the actual horse, based on numerous provided photos and measurements. The mane was made using hair material, while other parts were sculpted to replicate the flow of the fur.

The shape and color of each part were meticulously replicated, ensuring they reflect the unique characteristics of the horse, with constant confirmation from the client.

We asked the client to answer our questionnaire after production.

■ Category : Special Modeling (Figure)
■ Title    : < Horse Figure (Total length 35cm) >
■ Production period : 50 days

■ Production Amount: 1,000,000 yen~
*It may change depending on size and specifications.

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October 31, 2023| ,