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March 01, 2018| ,


BLAST has produced “Pentaurus-kun”, a character in support of “Modern pentathlon”, an official Olympics game.
The character is equipped with a motif from each event under modern pentathlon. In particular,
the lower body representing equestrian show jumping is made of a light material,
designed to accommo-date the wearer’s movement. The feature allows the wearer to pose for photo shooting,
realizing a realistic horse body specifically built for usability.

“Pentaurus-kun” was created by Nissin Food Products Co., Ltd., an official noodle partner of Tokyo 2020 Olympics,
in support of modern pentath-lon (kindai-goshu in Japanese), which suffers poor recognition in Japan.
Together with Gospellers, the character has formed a special unit called “Kinda-Goshu-pellers”
to promote modern pentathlon for Tokyo 2020.

[Participation in the Final Stage of Modern Pentathlon World Cup]
For four days from June 27, 2019 (Thu) to June 30 (Sun), the studio took part in the promotional movie by Nissin Food Products for the opening of Japan’s first “Modern Pentathlon World Cup Final in Tokyo” held in Musashino Forest Sport Plaza and Ajinomoto Stadium.
On the day of the event, Pentaurus-kun made a personal appearance at the Ajinomoto Stadium for a photo session with visitors.

Please see the official website for details.

>> “King of Minor Sports” modern pentathlon support site

■ Category                    : Special modeling
■ Media                       : Event
■ Title                       : “Pentaurus-kun”
■ Production period : 20 days

A scene from our participation in Modern Pentathlon World Cup Final in Tokyo


March 01, 2018| ,