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April 24, 2023| ,

Custom-made for personal order

We made a skull-themed mask through digital modeling at a client’s personal request.

Based on the rough sketch provided by the client, we directly took charge of the entire process – from design, 3D prototype production and output, molding, color painting and LED mounting to the preparation of an exclusive box to keep the mask.

The black-clear skull part is translucent and illuminated from within. Each part is embedded with magnets and detachable.

We asked the client to answer our questionnaire after production.

■ Category : Special modeling, Digital Modeling (3D output → molded with molding materials)
■ Title    : < BIG BABY >
■ Production period :  90 days
■ Production Amount: 6,660,000 yen~

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April 24, 2023| ,