Plans to expand throughout the world: Japanese creativity independent from government! “HEAT JAPAN” The first project is a giant monster movie series “GOMERA” launched on YouTube in multiple languages and broadcast throughout the world!

Video series with Giant Monster! “GOMERA”
Broadcast throughout the world from Japan in multiple languages!


IDA (9th Floor, Visual Plaza, 3-12-63, Kamiaoki, Kawaguchi, Saitama; CEO Junya Okabe)announced the release of its new

animated production “GOMERA: Episode 1” on June 20. IDA revealed that a full HD release on video distribution sites throughout the world from June 21. Appearances on major Japanese television advertisements have also been confirmed from mid-July.

 The production has been published in a series from June 1 in a magazine called “Terebikun” published by Shogakkan, a major Japanese publisher. As well as the further serialized magazine publishing from June 21, “Korokoro Ichiban”, also published by Shogakkan, all parts of episode one of GOMERA will be recorded on a DVD in advance of the internet video publication.
“Terebikun” publishes 350,000 copies each month and “Korokoro Ichiban” prints 150,000 copies each month. The special DVD that comes with these magazines will be released four times a year and so 2 million DVDs will be distributed in total in the year.

 The GOMERA soft-toy will also go on sale in connection with the release of the production.
The figure will be sold by IDA Productions. We will advertise on banners connected to net versions of the films linking customers to independent sales websites such as Amazon and we will sell production-use replicas based on the real GOMERA costume used in the films for 1.6 millions Japanese yen (not including tax). We also plan to later sell toys and goods ourselves. We are creating a new business model that will obtain character sales income that exceeds regular character rights permission sales by 3-5%.

This production is the first part of IDA’s new creative expansion that does not rely on the government, “HEAT JAPAN” and we are expanding our figurine and toy sales within the internet sales infrastructure and internet video distribution throughout the world in multiple languages.

 IDA started video distribution with limited viewing in English, Spanish and Chinese.
We will upload the video onto major video distribution sites, such as Youku, before pirated versions launch in the Chinese language region.

IDA has already broadcast full episode of its previous work from 2010, “Cat Shit One”, in HD for free on Youtube through a premier partnership agreement. We then began sale in America from video distribution to DVD and Blu-ray.
Received first prize at the Tokyo Content Market, nominated for the short film category by the Visual Effects Society, we obtained over 20,000 DVD sales in Japan alone.

Official Site:                                   
Gomera movie ‘Strike Channel’ :
*You may find some restrictions for viewing, depending on your location.

★ What is “GOMERA”?
Junya Okabe, producer and CEO of IDA says that it is a silly monster program aimed at 3-6 year olds. Junya Okabe is the head of script-writing and direction of the first episode.
After the first episode, 12 more episodes were confirmed, thanks to a variety of creators.

 “Special effects character programs for modern children say they are aimed at 3-6 year olds, but they aren’t in reality. I wanted to create a comical monster program that 3-6 year olds could understand without complication and relate to. The current children programs tend to put its focus on toy development, and has accelerated far beyond its limit. I wanted to create a film in which we focus on the character. More importantly. we want the children to be drawn to the character’s power itself. This may sound silly in the modern day, but I had to make it happen.” (Junya Okabe)

Name: “GOMERA”
Format: 12 Episodes (5 minutes per episode)
Release Dates: Thursday June 21, 2012 – Unspecified end date

Overview: The stupid giant monster GOMERA came from Giant Monster Land.
He wants to be a fierce and brave monster like Godzilla and Gamera but he keeps slipping up with his friendly and nervous disposition.

Yasumasa Kutami
Business Development Director / CEO of the US branch
1-310-922-7261 (Los Angeles, US)

IDA Inc.
Visual Plaza 9F, 3-12-63 Kamiaoki, Kawaguchi,
Saitama 333-0844, Japan




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